Monday, December 8, 2008

Virtual World

I came across this article in the newspaper where teenagers in America spend real money to get things done in the virtual world called Gaia. Now that's sounds a little weird. Now I would love to create an avatar and make a space for myself in the virtual world if it’s free of cost. But why would I spend money just to use virtual world as a platform for social networking.

Well I agree that online education and V-education have a long way to go. But some where I feel that it takes a lot of your time to get familiar with the whole interface. So if getting familiar with the interface is not included within the learning curve then it’s fine. But say I’m asked to spend not more than 3 hours on a certain section or course material, how am I to justify that I got stuck somewhere and I was lost. Well these are some of the issues that need to be highlighted or made clear before we actually join the bandwagon of V-education.

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Geeta Bose said...

Very true Mouse. When I started, I too found the huge learning curve very frustrating.

But then as I started getting the hang of it, it's become a pretty interesting tool to explore... The best part is since V-world is in its early stage (introduction phase), it offers immense opportunities to everybody to use it, modify it, build on it. So, next time you are on it - start imagining what all you can do with this that you cannot with your real world or the current tools.