Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Review - Adobe Captivate 7 for Mobile Learning [eBook]

Ever since learning has become accessible irrespective of time and geography, learning and training professionals have been on the look out for mobile learning. I am sure most of us who belong to the learning and training industry are aware of the term mobile learning. Learning and training courses if made available on mobile can reduce the cost of training to some extent. Learning will not be restricted to sitting at desktops and working on laptops, but independent of these devices.

Earlier it was not possible for learning professionals to make eLearning courses available on cell phones. However, now Adobe Captivate 7 has made it possible to create mobile-friendly and interactive m-learning. With any smart phone having Android o/s or io/s and HTML5 web browser you can access m-learning content.

Adobe Captivate 7 was launched in June 2013. Since this is fairly new software, Damien Bruyndonckx has authored an eBook titled as Adobe Captivate 7 for Mobile Learning[eBook]. This eBook is meant for all the people who impart training as teachers, instructional designers, SMEs, eLearning developers, and curriculum experts.

This eBook covers steps to create mobile compliant screen cast, steps to capture mobile friendly simulation, steps to edit a project for mobile output, steps to optimize an existing project for mobile, how to deal with unsupported features, steps to create mobile friendly quiz, steps to publish a project for mobile, and steps to insert edge animate animations in a Captivate project, and lastly steps to package a Captivate HTML5 project as a native application. All the topics and sub-topics have been covered in detail with corresponding screenshots for ease of understanding using scenarios. This eBook covers the nitty gritty of Captivate 7 without making it verbose. This eBook comprises 136 pages and covers features of Captivate 7 that helps address mobile learning challenges. Moreover, you need not be a Captivate pro to be able to explore Captivate 7. All you need to do is to download a free 30-days trial pack of Adobe Captivate 7 and you should have access to an HTML5 web browser. What else, this eBook has made it even easier to learn and explore Captivate 7 for m-learning.