Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cell Phone - Synonym for Memory!

Have you ever realized what will happen if you forget your cell phone when you venture out? Well, it happened to me a couple of times. And I remember I felt so crippled. I didn't remember anybody's cell phone number. I not only feed phone numbers in my cell, but I store the dates that I need to remember. For instance, the date when I got my internet connection, the date when I filled in and submitted my passport form and numerous other dates.

Imagine if you are stuck somewhere and you need to call somebody urgently, how you will do that without your cell phone. Also the growing use of computers and cell phones has replaced the habit of putting down everything on a piece of paper. I think of the day when cell phone and laptops will completely take over the habit of using writing pads.

Day in and day out we keep on creating documents, and store them in our computer and laptops. We take back up so as to ensure that we don't lose any important data. But I think a time is not too far when we won't be able to remember anything else other than our names.

Human memory has three phases, working memory, short term memory (STM) and long term memory (LTM). It is theorized that things that we read, hear or come across is stored for a brief amount of time in our working memory, after a point of time we filter things and store the information that we require in out STM. And only after constant drilling it moves into our LTM. But if we don't attempt to remember even a 10 digit cell phone number, how on earth are we going to remember anything else. I am skeptical about the fact whether technological advancement is doing only good or it has a down side to it as well!

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