Sunday, November 8, 2009

Captivate 3-Patch Work

Currently am working on a WBT and for that am using Adobe Captivate 3 to capture demonstrations and for certain slides, I have to do patch work.

We all know that if the status of an application is WIP, one thing is clear that you can expect a lot of re-work. And that is precisely what is happening. My concern is that in certain slides where am doing patch work, once am merging it with the background, there's a slight shift which is noticeable if you closely look at it. One of my team mates suggested that I should lock that particular slide and the object to avoid making the shift of the patch work noticeable. Also once you merge an object with the background the quality deteriorates. Nevertheless, locking objects did work.

However, I wanted to know what one should do ideally while doing a patch should work on a slide. What is the best work around? Would be glad if people answer my query.