Monday, December 29, 2008

Advance Organizers

In this article we are going to look at what is an advance organizer. Where can we make use of it, its forms and phases?

Advance Organizer is a cognitive instructional strategy used to promote the learning and retention of new information (Ausubel, 1960).

According to Joyce et al. (2000), the Advance Organizer model has three phases of activity.

Let’s look at the three phases:


includes presentation of the Advanced Organizer

clarifies the aim of the lesson

creates an awareness of the info

Phase- 2

sequencing the content

presenting the material

Phase- 3

strengthening of the cognitive organization

“integrative reconciliation” (ability to make interconnections between concepts)

For eg: teacher can ask students to summarize the info

Now let’s look at the four types of Advance Organizers.


provides new content

provide basic concepts of the material

provides a background of unknown material


Highlight difference between old and new concepts.

Helps to mark out the differences and similarity between old and new concepts.


A graphic organizer is a visual display.

Helps depict the relationship between terms, ideas, or concepts.

Uses pictographs, graphs, charts, or concept maps


oral presentation, stories, and handouts are used

helps recall and retain info

Though you may find that we use the above advance organizer as instructional tools, they might have been derived from some educational theory.

To be continued......

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