Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogging: A New Way of Sharing Knowledge

Blogging is gaining popularity among people of all age groups these days. It has become the cheapest and one of the most preferred tools to exchange ideas, information and share knowledge. Blogging is like an online journal or a chronicle to share what you know on a particular topic. The topics for blogs can include politics, book reviews, movie reviews or educational subjects. It is a common mode of sharing information and educating students and employees in corporate sectors. Blogging is becoming fast popular because many blogging services allow new users to set up an account for either free or with nominal charges. Blogs have become a platform for researchers, teachers and students to exchange and communicate their ideas and clarify their doubts on any topic.
Blogs have become the best way to provide information or to gain knowledge without having to pay anything. It also provides people of all age groups to come and interact on one platform. It provides learners with the opportunity to present their thoughts and opinions. It is one of the best ways to get feedback on a particular write-up. It is also helpful because people get to interact with experts in a particular domain and gain knowledge. Of late, some people earn via blogging. Therefore, to wrap up I can say that blogging is all about knowledge sharing, a platform to share ideas and gain insight on any subject matter.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

E learning: The growing need of every organization

Everyone wants to acquire new skills, prepare for different needs of an organization, pursue short-term courses to boost up their careers at their own pace without moving to far-flung places. E learning has made all this easy. E learning is turning out to be the first preference among corporate learning centres and educational institute, to impart training to their employees and students. It provides learner centric training modules hence it has dominance over classroom-based training. The best part about online learning system is that it is flexible. Virtual learning systems like simulation-based E-learning, game-based E learning and mobile learning is expected to drive demand in the future. Today E-learning has become popular among working class adults. E learning gives a variety of learning experience and it comes equipped with diverse ways to engage the attention of the learners. It has made imparting knowledge anytime and anywhere possible. Now it the duty of the people involved in E learning industry to provide the right kind of training material to the target audience according to their needs and requirement and continue the ever-increasing demand of E learning.

E Learning is gaining popularity; but still it is new for most of us. Therefore, it is important to think of it as an innovative way of learning with new and different learning skills. As designers of E learning courses, one should approach E Learning with a systematic mind set to become successful. To make it successful, it is advisable to know the needs and prerequisites of the target audience. Lastly, to achieve ultimate success, one should adopt the tips from those who have been down with the e-Learning journey several times. Success in E Learning can offer learners a flexible and enjoyable learning experience.