Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Idiot Box On The Verge Of Death?

Being a digital native (wikipedia describes a digital native as "a person who has grown up with digital technology such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones and MP3.") I prefer to stay connected 24x7. And with internet I don't feel the need to buy an idiot box. Videos, movies, chatting, online booking, shopping, gaming, live news channels, and daily soaps too are all up there. Out of a population of 1.2 billion, and one of the largest English speaking countries, around 13.5 million people are internet subscribers. India's internet population is growing at a fast pace.

According to the survey conducted by IAMA (Internet and Mobile Association of India), there are around 45.3 million active internet users and 62.5 million claimed internet users as in September 2008. It is predicted that the number of internet users will go up to 80 million by year 2010. People have realized that internet usage cannot be restricted to just chatting, emailing, or gaming. On the contrary it has tremendous potential in the field of education, learning, sharing views and opinions through various media like blogging, and one can create a virtual self (avatar) in the cyber space.

The point is that when we can access so many things at one place, why the need for a television. I realized that eve since I got internet broadband connection; I stopped reading newspaper for daily news scoops. In the same way I sometimes yearned, if only I could watch some soaps instead of movies all the time. And I came across a site where the TV soaps are uploaded and I can jolly well view them anytime. I feel elated that internet has made our lives so much comfortable. I don't have to spend on too many durable goods to watch anything in particular.

However, there are few people who claim that radio is still a popular medium for listening to music, in the same way a laptop/desktop with internet connection can never replace a television. Out of 1.2 billion population 130 million people still read newspapers. I don't know nor can I claim that the death of the so called idiot box is nearing; only time will say what's in store. I may sound a little biased in my opinion, but as an active internet user I can say that though I may wish to own a television, I do not need it.


as_him said...

Fancy you wrote about this- here's a famous design studio's perspective on the same topic-

The Future of Television: Tired and Lonely (Part 1)

Manish Mohan said...

As I read this post, my television is on and I am watching a movie on it. And I just can't do without my morning paper :-).

Mousumi Ghosh said...

:-) yeah this post may seem a little biased, but I believe the number of newspaper readers have declined over the years.

jaya said...
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Shilo said...

Enjoyed reading this article and I agree with most of the things you wrote.

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