Monday, February 2, 2009

Are Social Networking Sites Making Us Unsocial In Real Life?

Most of us are already using web 2.0 tools. One of the most famous and commonest of all is social networking sites and IM. Am writing this post since I came across an article that says-that the growing use of internet has made people of all ages and the gen y in particular unsocial in real life. But there are many points that need to be factored in before jumping to such conclusions. Let's see what these points are:

First of all I would partly agree that using too much of internet is making people of all ages unsocial to some extent. I have hardly seen anybody not using some IM while at their work place (if it’s not blocked). I assume that people feel more comfortable while exchanging info over chat or mail. But at times it becomes mandatory to talk either in person or over phone to clarify things and to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Most of the users believe that these sites help them manage and keep in touch with their friends, stay in touch with friends who are geographically apart, make new friends, find old friends and for business network as well. I feel networking online gives people and teenagers in particular a safe environment to interact. You have the choice of limiting access to your IM to a selected few. Companies make use of social networking to market their products. People get job opportunities via these sites. Some users believe that social networking not only provides friends both old and new but provides you with communities to share similar interest and also a sense of belongingness. They also provide a space which gives you the freedom to voice out opinion on various issues.

Well so much for social networking sites, but I guess I have digressed from the topic a bit. So I believe that online social networking is not turning people unsocial in real life rather it has helped to widen the business and social network of people across the world. It has made possible to connect and stay in touch with people who are geographically far apart.

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