Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Importance of Feedback at Workplace

Well this article is not about E-learning, rather learning at my work place. We at our place of work are encouraged to constantly hone are skills. We make presentations, share knowledge by taking sessions of various kinds and take up exercise on grammar/editing to perfect ourselves. In addition, we get feedback on all the assignments or work we do. The term, “feedback” implies criticism. Criticism can be both positive and negative. However, it differs from person to person, how they react to it.

I feel criticism both positive and negative can help us improve in many ways. Most of the times when we get feedback on our work, presentation or exercises and are expected to implement the learning in the future. I make an effort to do so as far as possible. However, sometimes I fail to meet the expectations of my superiors. Nevertheless, what makes me feel happy is that I never give up or lose heart. In addition, the fact that my superiors take pains to share the knowledge they have makes me feel elated. I have seen many a times that people often point out the mistakes one commits but they never disclose how to correct it, which is irksome. At Kern, my superiors always guide me when I falter. I like the way we get our feedback. People here know how to provide feedback and they try to highlight specific areas that need improvement.

I feel that feedback can prove beneficial if only I make an effort not to repeat the past mistakes. Of course, I cannot claim that I will never commit mistakes in the future but I feel that if I get constant feedback and support from my superiors, I will improve gradually.

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