Monday, August 25, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy

Writing Learning Objectives

While writing the objectives we should remember the A.B.C.D method ---Heinich et al. 1996. Robert Heinich is one of the proponents of instructional technology.
A --- Audience----- Who? Who are your learners?

B--- Behavior----- What? What do you expect them to be able to do after the completion of the course?

C---Condition---- How? Under what circumstances or context will the learning occur? What will the student be given or already be expected to know to accomplish the learning?

D---Degree---- How much? How much will be accomplished, or how much the students are expected to learn, what level?

Example of A.B.C.D method

Comprehension Level:

A (Audience) ---Student (student of class IV)

B (Behavior) ---Should be able to identify noun and verb in a sentence/ paragraph

C (Condition) ---A paragraph in the newspaper article

D (Degree) ---For all the sentences given in the article More to come....

More to come...

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