Sunday, September 14, 2008

Common Design Errors

This article is devoted to bad designs that we come across in our day-to-day life. I've tried to show images of bad designs rather than writing it down in words.

This handle serves no purpose, as it is not used to open the drawer. Rather it confuses the user.

Now look at these images?
How to use any of these faucets?

Why bus numbers are not displayed on all the sides of a bus? How do I get to know which is the one for me?

Presently I am using MS-Office 2007. Why do I need to save the document in compatibility mode every time? The software should save the file in compatibility mode on its own without waiting for my instruction!

I commute by a bus, but look at the hand grip. It moves and sways constantly when in motion. Why can’t it be made static?

I pour 1/4 th of the oil outside the container. Why should i use a funnel when it can be made more user-friendly?
can’t the manufacturers design it like this!

Well I guess most of us are familiar with this red ice-cream box. But the problem with it is that you won’t be able to figure out how to open it at the first attempt.

The seal over here is broken, but when you get a new box you need to open the seal. You notice this only when you experiment a little.

At first glance you might feel that you can open the cap of the spray perfume. But if you are thinking so, you are wrong.

Look at the image given below. You need not open the cap, but the design is not intuitive, at least that’s what I felt!

These are some of the day-to- day design issues that we come across. You must have come across many such instances too. I should acknowledge the fact that I gathered some of the images from various sites that specifically talk about design issues. But I feel even if people are aware of what works and what does not, the design issues are never corrected.


anuj said...

This blog is very interesting because the blog showing that how we do handle the different things with carefully?


Mousumi Ghosh said...

Thanks Anuj.

Archana Narayan said...

Mouse, I so agree with the ice cream box! I really struggled to open the box and I was dying to eat the yummy black forest ice cream!! I believe it was divine intervention that helped me open the box. :) The best thing is that learning time also took time. I struggled with it each time I had to open it. Sheesh, talk about a bad design!

Mousumi Ghosh said...

Yeah Archie, you are correct. I tried to cut the outer edges of the box to have that yummy ice-cream. By the time I managed to open it, the ice-cream was in liquid form. :)

satya said...

And I thought I was the only one crying b'coz of design flaws. Good job!